There is a lot of work involved with being a Manager. To help ease the tasks involved with running the team, try to have two Managers and a Treasurer.


Bench Staff Code of Conduct

All team staff must complete this form. This form can be handed to the Ringette Manitoba rep that is at the WRL Town Hall meeting before the season begins or dropped off at the Ringette Manitoba office.

Child Abuse Registry

All team staff must complete this form. This is paid for by Ringette Manitoba, required yearly. This form can be handed to the Ringette Manitoba rep that is at the WRL Town Hall meeting before the season begins or dropped off at the Ringette Manitoba office.

Managers Certification Program

Managers at the U10 division and the B/C level in all age divisions are recommended to take the Managers course. Managers at the U12 division and up at the A level are required to take the Managers course.

This training program was developed by Ringette Canada to address the special skills which Managers must have to perform their job. This "course" has been designed specifically for those who may not wish to Coach, yet wish to contribute and be involved in a team's organization.

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SJRA will reimburse you for the cost of this course.

Respect in Sport (RiS)

Sport Manitoba believes in being proactive in ensuring sport in our province is safe and welcoming for all participants. RiS helps them promote those values through an online training course (2.5 hours) for all staff on roster (meaning allowed on the bench). It is designed as a tool to assist in identifying and dealing with abuse, neglect, harassment and bullying in sport.

RiS must be recertified every five years.

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** Note: Final deadline for Coaching Certification, Bench Staff Code of Conduct, Child Abuse Registry, Managers Certification Program, Respect in Sport (RiS) is mid-January. Also the deadline for additions and deletions to Ringette Manitoba player registration forms is due mid-January. Anyone not on the roster will not be covered by insurance.


Open up a team bank account.  If you open up a "Community Builders" account at the Assiniboine Credit Union, supposedly there is no fees.

Contact SJRA President for a letter that gives you authorization to open a bank account in the name of your team. Signers are responsible for administering finances for the team and signing authority for the account.

Some banks also need minutes from a meeting. If your Coach holds a meeting with parents, take notes and use those as your minutes.

Create a budget for your team to determine the dues each player will need to pay. Some considerations for expenses are practice ice, tournament fees and name bars.

Ask for $200 from each player’s parent right away to pay for tournaments.


Discuss with the Coach what tournaments your team would like to enter. Tournament information can be found on the Winnipeg Ringette League (WRL) website ( or Ringette Manitoba website ( Tournaments book up quickly so it is important to register early.

Once you have registered for a tournament, you’ll have to opt out of league games so the league doesn’t schedule a league game while your team is playing in a tournament. Each team is permitted to make one request per half to ensure that they are not scheduled for any games during a period of up to seven days. Your request may be denied.

Requests should be submitted using the opt-out request form on the WRL website. This form will be available either directly from the homepage or on the Team Information page. You will receive an email confirmation of your request and your request will be viewable via the Opt-out tab on the Team Information page. If not, then your request was not received and will not be processed.

Opt-outs for the first half must be received by the first week of October. Opt-outs for the second half must be received by the beginning of December.

If your team is travelling, the Manager generally assists with travel arrangements such as acquiring group rates at hotels and securing a block of rooms for the families to book.

If travelling out of province, a request for travel permit must be completed and sent to Ringette Manitoba, 145 Pacific Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 2Z6, Fax: 204-925-5925.

You must also email the SJRA Ice Convenor with the dates of the tournaments you are entering so you are not assigned practice ice while your team is playing in a tournament.


Discuss with the Coach and parents how much your team wants to fundraise to offset costs of ice, tournaments, clothing, etc.

Anytime your team wants to sell any type of raffle tickets (ex. 50/50 tickets at home games (Percentage payout raffle), Grey Cup or Super Bowl tickets (Sport or event raffle), etc.) you must complete a Community raffle application which can be downloaded from the Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba (LGA) website. Generally it takes LGA 3 weeks to process an application.

Winnipeg Ringette League (WRL)

WRL will hold a Town Hall meeting before the season begins that the Manager or a Coach must attend. You will receive the game sheets at this mandatory meeting and this is where you can hand in completed forms (e.g. Bench Code of Conduct, Child Abuse Registry Check) to the MRA rep. Failure to pick up the game sheets will incur a fine.

On the WRL website, the Manager and Coaches will be given special access to manage the team information. Your Coach must designate you as a Manager for you to be able to access this. Once this is done, you need to register on the website and sign-in.

Each loop has a Loop Convener who will contact the team prior to the season. This is your liason with the WRL. 

Practice Ice and Schedule

SJRA Ice Convenor will give you practice ice but depending on how often your Coach wants to practice, you may need to find more ice. You can email and ask to be put on his distribution list. You will receive an email about every 2-3 days with various information on tournaments and ice for sale.

You are responsible to enter all events (practices) and games into TeamSnap. The game schedule will be posted on the WRL website around mid-October for the first half and mid-December for the second half.


SJRA provides each team with an account through TeamSnap. Once your team has been created, ensure your Coach provides you with Administration rights so you can add events and games. Or email the SJRA Technology contact and ask to be given authorization.


Ask the parents to update their player’s information on TeamSnap complete with parent’s cell phone numbers and email addresses.

Once everyone has updated their player’s profile, download the roster into Excel from TeamSnap. Print off this contact list and give to players, parents and Coaches.

Note any medical information you may need to be aware of (ex. allergies).


Order name bars for the game jerseys (2 per player, home & away). Check spelling with parents first before ordering.

Contact the Club Convenor for the following:

  • Team Jerseys - A deposit cheque is usually required from players, post-dated to the end of the season.
  • Rings
  • Pylons
  • Goalie equipment
  • First Aid Kit - contact your Club Convenor should you require refilling of supplies within the first aid kit (snap freeze ice packs will need replacing once used). This first aid kit should be available at all practices and games.

Your Club Convenor is your go-to person for any situation. They will assist you or go to the SJRA Board on your behalf.

Team Photos

This can be arranged anytime throughout the year. Since ice is very expensive, consider taking your photos during an outdoor practice.

Team Apparel

This should be arranged in the first half of the season so the players will be wearing for majority of ringette season. Discuss with the Coach and parents what apparel (if any) to look into for the team. In the past, SJRA teams have ordered from Carberry International.  They also own the AW Wildcats logo.

Game Sheets

Print the game schedule off the WRL website so that if there are any issues you have all your information handy. There is typically no cell reception within an arena.

You are given the exact # of game sheets for your games. Do not lose them. Good idea to make a few clear photocopies of a blank game sheet. These will be acceptable if a game sheet is lost or if your opponent asks you if you have a spare because they forgot theirs.

The Manager or Coach completes the game sheets prior to games. It is suggested you create labels instead of writing out information on game sheets every time.

click here to download labels (Avery 5163)

The home team provides the game sheet. Tournaments provide their own game sheets.

The game number needs to be filled in and can be found on the WRL game schedule.

Players are to be listed in numerical order.

Goalies must be identified on the game sheet with a “G” beside their name.

Temporary players must be identified on the game sheet with a “TP” beside their name.

Each team will receive a copy of the game sheet after the game. In case of a tie, the home team takes over the duties of the winning team.

When your team wins a game, it is your responsibility to record the score of the game on the WRL website. You must also deliver the league copy (white copy) of the game sheet to your Loop Convenor.

Games scores must be posted to the website within 48 hours of the game.

Game sheets must be postmarked or emailed to the Loop Convener within 72 hours of the game.

All original copies must be delivered to the Loop Convenor by the end of the half.

Failure to meet these deadlines may result in transfer of points from winning to losing team.

Year End

Plan a wind-up.

Request that parents remove name bars, wash their player’s jerseys inside out on gentle cycle and hang dry. Collect jerseys to return to the club or association.

Communicate the team financial information to the team and return any remaining funds.

Close the team bank account.