Previous versions of SJRA governance documents had become out of date with our governening bodies and existing board structure.  So SJRA passed a new document to update and replace our Constitution and By-Laws at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on May 24, 2015.

In that document we have defined three components to our governance model:

1  Constitution

Defining our Name, Mission Statement and Goals

2    By-Laws

The structure under which the SJRA Board will operate. (e.g. roles and responsibilities)

3    Policy Guide

The approach by which SJRA will deliver on our mission statement and goals.  (e.g. team formation)

The first two components (as passed at the AGM) and available to Members here.  Changes to those two components must be passed at a subsequent AGM.

The third component is in process and is far more complicated.  As policies are approved by the Board they will be made available to Members on this site.  Policy is subject to changes in the needs of our Members and the policies defined by our governing bodies (e.g. MRA and WRL).  Changes to policy require Board approval and must not conflict with the policies of our governing bodies.  

SJRA Constitution and By-Laws