The success of a team is not necessarily measured by the number of games won at the end of the season, but at the high level of integrity and sportsmanship each game is played at.

St. James Ringette Association prides itself on the level of coaches we have in our organization. The dedication, hard work and countless hours of personal time each coach commits to a team per season is recognized by the continuous growth of new athletes entering our Association, the longevity of player’s careers and an overall high level of satisfaction by our parents.

St. James Ringette Association thanks all of our coaching volunteers for their continued passion of the sport of ringette and for the growth and development of our athletes.

2016/2017 Coaching Requirements for Head and Assistant Coaches


* CI Trained: To become CI trained, you must attend the CI Clinic (2 days) and complete Making Ethical Decisions requirement(s).
** CI Certified: To become CI Certified, you must attend the CI Clinic (2 days) and complete Making Ethical Decisions requirement(s) as well as complete the portfolio and evaluations.
*** CSI Trained: To become CSI Trained, you must attend the CSI Clinic (1 day) and complete the Making Ethical Decisions requirement(s).


The following levels must have a CI certified female over the age of 18: U14AA, U16A, U16AA, U19A, U19AA

All teams with players under the age of 18 must have a qualified female team staff over the age of 18 and must submit a Child Abuse Registry for all bench staff listed on the official roster.

Any individual listed as a Trainer on a roster at any level must have up-to-date Standard First Aid Certification. Emergency First Aid/CPR alone will not be accepted. Medical certification will be accepted based on MRA approval.

Apprentice and Junior Coaches and R4U Squad Support must complete requirements as outlined on the application form.

All bench staff must complete: 


Child Abuse Registry and Bench Staff Code of Conduct forms are due November 1st annually.


All coaching requirements must be completed by January 15th annually.


Also see Ringette Manitoba website for coaching requirements (click here) and coaching clinics (click here).